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In today's world, healthcare is one of the main financial driving forces in our economy.  Health care providers work tirelessly to provide efficient care to their patients to a point that they don't really have the time to micro-manage there revenue cycle or monitor current medical code changes or everchanging medical billing trends. In many cases this leads to hospitals out sourcing there patient accounts to expensive medical collection agencies that truly don't understand the concept of claim resolution, insurance collections or medical appeals. As a result this leads to very high denied claims, exceeded claim submission deadlines and the eventual outcome is loss of revenue for your practice and that can severely effect your bottom line. With our experience we can provide the needed support for your practice.  We commit ourselves to excellence and dedication to our clients which leads to building strong business relationships and visible results.  We are an American company that believes in the American way when it comes to gratitude, grace and integrity with in our profession and our quality of work. 

Our accounts team has over 20 years of medical billing/medical administrative experience in various areas of healthcare such as:

  • Outpatient Clinical Billing

  • Surgical Billing

  • Physician Billing

  • Specialty Group Billing

  • Home Health Care Billing

  • Worker's Compensation Billing

  • Dermatology Billing

  • Telemedicine Billing

 We also cover various areas with in the patient revenue cycle such as:

  • Charge Entry​

  • Provider Credentialing

  • Pre-Authorizations

  • Pre-Registration

  • Referral Management

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Jovan Kenyatta Taylor CBCS, CMAA - Founder/Certified Billing and Coding Specialist/Medical Administrator  


Thanks again for stopping by. It is my honor for our team to serve your administrative needs. The driving reason for starting this company was to provide our genuine knowledge and dedication to our medical community.  With Millennial we have no boundaries when it comes to maximizing our full potential to resolve your patient account and medical administrative needs. We are certified through the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) and are proud members of The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). We also have Liability/EO insurance to assure our clients accountability and responsibility in our business practices. We take our careers very seriously and satisfaction is our main objective.  If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation please reach out to our team at

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